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    Slack and Jive Cloud




      are there any news regarding Slack <-> Jive Cloud integration possibilities ?

      What we want to achieve is to publish filtered content posted into Jive Cloud in dedicated Slack channel.

      I have been looking into it and the only one option seems to be to write own custom bot to initiate API calls and crawl content.

      Maybe somebody achieved this and I will be not in a need to reinvent the wheel ?


      From my understanding most straight forward way might be to create a script to initiate API calls on regular basis and post filtered response into channel.

      As I am not a dev, first steps might be the hardest ones.


      Maybe someone have achieved this in the past and can share own experience ?


      Many thanks for your reply.

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          Jonathan Block

          While I have no idea where Slack integration is on Aurea's roadmap these days, past messaging on that seemed to be oriented more toward drawing in existing Slack content for indexing and viewing in Jive.  I didn't get the sense that they had any interest in supporting publication of Jive content out to Slack or any other third-party service.  So, yeah, you're going to need a custom bot/service/whatever.  If you don't find what you need to roll your own here (or, as you're not a dev, you don't think you should try it yourself), you might need to throw money at the problem via Aurea's Professional Services or one of the other development shops out there.  We worked with Social Edge Consulting for some of our initial integrations.

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