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    Does any one have a direct line of contact with someone in Aurea support? URGENT

    lallison Advanced

      Hello fellow external community members,

      I am migrating off of Jive-X and my go live date is in 15 days. I have been struggling to receive timely support from Aurea regarding our Akamai environment and am forced to work through a portal system with Lithium, my current license holder. It took 21 days for Aurea to implement a change which they reversed only a few days later. I am struggling to reach anyone at Aurea to remedy my situation and am running out of config and testing time before go live.

      If anyone knows of a phone number or email for a support person I would really appreciate the information. I am in the dark here and need to speak with someone to explain our situation. This current game of telephone via Lithium is not working.