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    Changing color of inbox notifications

    Helen Chen

      I am in the process of updating my site look and feel but am stuck on 2 last bits. 


      Does anyone know how to change the background color on the notfications.  It's the bell at the top of the page and the unread count when looking at your inbox.   I did see Josh Gravholt's question Theme colors- Issues changing alert badge (bell) background color, sidebar badge color and navigation link color isn't working but couldn't figure out how to make the changes. 




      I also tried changing this in Theming / Advanced / Custom Header / adding the following script from our creative team but that didn't work either.

      .j-navbadge-count, .j-nav-indicator-unread {

          background-color: #2476da !important;



      Thanks in advance for any tips at all!