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    How do I set up Jive iOS app for use with Apple developer forums?

    James Bucanek Novice

      I'm a member of the Apple Developer's program. In their forum settings, it says I can receive push notifications for discussions by setting up the Jive iOS app.


      I downloaded the Jive iOS app and created an account here.


      And now I'm stuck.


      The app is apparently asking for a "Jive URL" but there's no explanation of what that is or where I can find it. I've tried the url for my account and it says it's invalid.


      The Jive documentation is no help. After 20 minutes of searching the only thing I could find that seem to be related was this page (<Core Help >) that states:


      "Jive is accessible from mobile devices using the mobile Safari browser or by installing the Jive for iOS app from the Apple store onto an iPhone or iPad. For help using the iOS app, see the linked documentation."


      Except ... there is no link to any documentation.


      So what is this "Jive URL" and where do I find it.