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    Has anyone integrated ListManager with the Edge browser?

    carla.mtb Novice

      Has anyone encountered user compatibility issues on Microsoft's Edge browser for the web UI for ListManager?


      The application is running version 12.1.18 and will updated to 12.1.21 (shortly after an OS upgrade from 2008 R2 to Windows 2016 server).




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          Chris Benkert Novice

          Hi Carla,


          The Message Editor in ALM is not compatible with Edge, thus making Edge a non-supported browser.  We were discussing changing the editor when Microsoft announced they were replacing Edge with a version coded in Chromium.  When this happens we will test and post the compatibility results, which will dictate what we need to do to support the new version of Edge.


          I should add that because it will be using Chromium and Chrome is a supported browser,  we do not foresee any issues with Microsoft's new version of Edge, unless Microsoft does something radically different to it.  At this point we are waiting for its release before we can officially say one way or the other and know how we need to proceed with officially stating the new Edge browser is compatible with ListManager.




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