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    General availabity of Aurea Campaign Manager for production

    gabor.horvath Novice



      I was experimenting with the ACRM-CAM connections in the last days and have several conversations with support regarding smaller issues. During the conversion I have received some interesting information:

      1. "For a pilot to test the integration I suggest you wait until the end of this quarter. (Q3) The primary goal of the Q3 release is to deliver a more stable integration between ACRM and CAM." (Michael O.)

      2. I have found an issue with the encoding of communication between the system, and found out that some special characters (like á, ö, etc.) are not transferred correctly. The answer from support was: "this is actually a known issue and it is under investigation under internal ticket CRM-56692. It is estimated to have this fixed in the ACRM version scheduled to be released on April 2019; however, this issue is still under discussion and looking for a workaround for it." (Aurea Support)


      Based on those answers I am not sure about the general availability of this combination. We are just planning the rolling out this at a German Enterprise customer, but I am not sure whether I should postpone this go live as the connectivity of both system is not yet fully functional (wrong encoding is a no go in German territories).


      Do You have experience with this in production or any ideas, what should I do?