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    Troubles with a custom tile on activity page

    thibaultlr Novice



      I'm getting trouble with a custom tile that gathers data from an API and displays it. The issue with the tile is that it gets below the native activity tile from jive. I'm using Jive 9.0.1 on premise.


      It seems that each activity tile is overclassed by some javascript and it gets an inline css style with a position absolute style. So it makes the following render :


      The yellow block comes from the activity tile stream and the red one from the custom tile.





      I tried the several things :

      - Fix a height on the custom tile

      - Add a delay on the app.resize() function (200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000)

      - Try with another tile : Super Search but same problem

      - It seems to work with a custom html tile but it's not the same, it seems that if you fix a height in the custom html tile, the height is directly written in the iframe. However we can't do it in our case because the origin between the iframe and his parent are differents.


      It works well on jive 9.4


      That's all we tested for now, I don't know where it could come from. If someone has any ideas, i would be so happy to know how to figure it out how it can work