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    Having trouble with the "Get Association" method of the Streams service in REST API

    gbrettmiller Beginner

      I am working on something that includes checking a user's custom streams to see if a specific place, in this case a Project, is associated with that stream. My first thought was to use the Get Association method described on the Streams service page. My understanding of that method is that it would return true if the specified place is associated with that stream, and false if it was not.


      The syntax for the method is GET /streams/{streamID}/associations/{objectType}/{objectID}. I've tried using both project and 600 as the objectType, and the id and placeID as the objectID, but all combinations of those return an invalid URI error when I try to use them. I can GET /streams/{streamID}/associations with no issues, and this is my workaround; less than ideal, though, because with this approach I have to get each stream's full list of associations and then check the placeID to see if it is associated. For users with the max number of custom streams and a large number of associations in the streams, this is large amount of API calls.


      Any insight is greatly appreciated.


      Jive 9.0.4 On prem

      REST API in an HTML widget