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    How can we prevent users from adding unproductive comments on ideas?

    akoplen Advanced

      Hi there,


      I am curious if any other community managers for customer communities have experienced this, and if you have, if you have any suggestions on how to stop it.


      Many of our customers participate in ideas on our community. Oftentimes, users will vote on ideas and proceed to add a comment to provide further feedback. This is great, and we love seeing this type of community engagement. However, we commonly see a user vote and then add a comment simply stating, "I voted". We do not see the value in adding this type of comment, and want to figure out a friendly way to refrain users from doing this.


      Has anyone else experienced something like this? Any recommendations on how to stop users from adding comments such as "I voted" (which we feel adds zero value)?


      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!