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    Virtually no Apps working on AureaWorks

    mcollinge Expert

      Hi. I'm sure you know this already, but when you try to either use the main 'Apps' menu (top nav), or !App within a piece of content, pretty much nothing works!


      !App menu in Content





      Forms looks awful



      Images returns no results.. for all search terms



      Lucid Charts never loads



      SmarterPath errors like this



      Main Apps Menu Item


      Curate tool doesn't load



      Lucid Charts



      etc.. etc.. etc..


      If I were a prospective customer (and as an existing customer), I'd be put off by the fact that the options are there, but hardly any of them work properly.. it's not exactly a great showcase of what Jive is capable of. Is any of this getting looked at and fixed? I realise Aurea bought out Jive, but that was quite some time ago and I'd have expected things like this would have been fixed by now, especially with them being so prominent in the menus.