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    Unterschriftenfunktion in CRMpad/CRMclient Reports

    a.kroemer Novice

      Hallo zusammen,


      ich werde immer wieder nach einer Unterlage / OnePager / Handbuch-Auszug zur Unterschriftenfunktion bei CRMpad Reports gefragt.

      Insbesondere wie das Thema mit der Ablage der Unterschrift als Grafik gelöst ist.


      Gibt es hierzu eine offizielle Unterlage?


      Danke und Grüße


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          michael.obermaier@aurea.com Novice

          Hi Anne,


          here's a quote from the CRM.Pad AdministratorGuide  -  I hope this is helpful.



          SigningConfig Input Argument

          The SigningConfig input argument defines that an e-mail can only be sent after the report was signed by the customer, e.g. an order.

          Default value: {}


          The following options can be entered in JSON syntax:

          • "sign":false: Defines that no signature is required.
            Default: true
          • "upload":false: Defines that the client report is not uploaded to the database. The report is then only attached to the e-mail.
            Default: true
          • emptySignatureName: A comma-separated list of empty signature images. An empty signature image must be given for each required signature.
            Default: Button:PleaseSign.



          • signatureImageTagName: A comma-separated list of XML tags that references the signature images. A tag must be given for each required signature.
            Default: SignatureImage.
          • signatureImageId: Name of the img tag's id attribute in the XSL file.
            Default: img-signature
          • lineWidth: Font width
            Default: 3
          • strokeColor: Font color
            Default: 0;0;1;1 (= blue)
          • imageWidth: Width of the image file containing the signature
            Default: 300 (px)
          • signedReportFileName: Name of the generated PDF file
            Default: SampleReport.pdf
          • signedReportFileNameDateFormat: Date format in case a date parameter is appended to the file name
            Default: yy-mm-dd
          • signatureTitle: Name of a field group. This field group's List control is applied and the field containing the SIGNATURETITLES function name is searched. This function may contain {$var} placeholders that are replaced according to the given CopySourceFieldGroupName argument in the ClientReport action.
            You can also define that more than one signature must be given. The following example requires two signatures:
            {"emptySignatureName":"Button:PleaseSign;Button:PleaseSign2","signatureImageTagName":"SignatureImage;SignatureImage2","sign": true, "upload": true}