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    Jive + SharePoint integration Dilemma


      Hi Guys,


      Hope is all well!


      We are facing a dilemma regarding the Jive + SharePoint integration and maybe one of you could help us with a solution we are currently not seeing...




      • We are working on a knowledge management platform on JIVE, where users would be able to search, share, like, comment,and discuss the existing content in our company.
      • To foster employees engagement on the platform, it is crucial that all existing documents on company SharePoint repository are available on the platform and automatically synced on both platforms.
      • Our company have more than 5k (five thousand) team sites, spread across several site collections, and the great majority of it would need to be linked to JIVE.
      • Jive configuration only allow us to perform a one-to-one connection between a SharePoint Team site and a Jive space.




      • Relevant content from more than one team site (e.g. 50 team sites) would need to be linked to a single Jive Space
      • We currently have more than 5.000 team sites and this number tends to grow
      • It is not possible to change the current SharePoint structure of our company



      Have anyone ever been through something similar or have any idea how we can get around these problems?



      Thank you very much!

      Lucas Santana Lucas Lopes