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    Track analytics of video views being pulled through Jive API?

    james1.hicks Novice

      We are making a custom Add On that will be a UI for all the videos in our Jive Platform. I noticed that when when I watch a video in the Add On, analytics are not updated. I understand that because it is a custom Add On that user information and other jive credentials are not going to be tied to it, but I am surprised that there isn't an activity of being viewed associated with it.


      Couple Questions:


      1. From my understanding, Jive uses a third party for their video hosting, could this be limiting the analytics we can get?


      2. Is there a way to Send/Post/Put user information and action information to Jive when a user watches a video on our custom Add On? We'd want to imitate the analytics as much as possible to what is sent when you go to a content Video page directly.


      3. If the above is possible, can you give an example of how the request would look? I'd need Actor, Action, time, action Object, Destination, and any other important field.


      4. If this is not possible, would I be able to do this with google analytics? Somehow send a jive structured object (actor, action, time, action object, destination) to GA, so we can still get user view information. I'm unsure how this would work as I am only aware of the basic GA script tag (the one you place into a page) and not really knowledgeable on how to send custom info with the script.



      Thank you,