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    Is it possible to make the fonts more readable in AureaWorks post-update?

    julsee Jive SME

      I see that AureaWorks has been updated with a slightly changed visual identity and new fonts. Unfortunately, finding the fonts way less readable overall. At larger sizes they seem a little better, but throughout the platform and for display they are very light and hard to read. Finding it particularly difficult to quickly distinguish read and unread messages in the AureaWorks inbox. Any way you might revisit this font change so that using AureaWorks isn't so hard on the eyes?


      See screenshots below:


      Inbox pre-update (using my community as an example -- this is what AureaWorks looked like as well)

      Inbox post-update - hard to distinguish between read and unread because bold and regular fonts are so light.


      FYI: Jessica Maxson