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    Can we create a custom content type in Jive Cloud?

    Jonathan Block Intermediate

      I've poked around a bit in the various available (and scattered) developer resources and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I suspect it's not possible at all.  But I'm asking just in case:


      Is there a way to create a custom content type that behaves much like a Jive Document with additional fields, for use in a cloud instance?  It would be nice to be able to leverage the native document editing features, likes/comments/actions, search integration, etc., but we need to apply a few additional characteristics for subsequent actions and to allow structured filtering of the resulting information.


      It looks like we need to build the entire thing from scratch* and present it as an app within Jive, but if it's possible to do the other way I'd be happy for any pointers you can provide.






      *OK, it's not truly from scratch, as we already have a framework to present other custom database apps in Jive, but those don't need rich text editing with optional inline images or comment threads.  This would be a more-significant step into badly copying those Jive-native features.