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    Href displays target site inline... but....

    groovylocks Novice

      Update: removed the div and the href still displayed the target site inline. What is this? Do i need a target attribute in my hrefs?


      So I found this cool easter egg today when i was trying to center some custom HTML on one of our jive pages. The link within that div, when clicked, renders the target site INSIDE the HTML widget frame instead of redirecting.

      This is very cool and the exact functionality i've been trying to achieve (since, until i get admin access, i can't write javascript or use iframes or basically anything...)


      But the problem? This little hack only works on internal pages. External pages refuse to connect. (and by external, i mean external to the jive site. Even other sites on our internal network refuse) And we would like for this little trick to work for an href pointing to something on the internet.


      If anybody else has discovered this little hack and has run into this issue AND has found a solution that allows this to work with external sites, can you let me know?