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    Is the new place analytics report correct? Numbers don't match

    Marcelo Yamada

      Hi all,


      I'm trying hard to understand the new analytics for one or our spaces.


      As you can see below, this space (as an example) has only two pieces of content:


      According to the analytics report, however, 10 documents were created in November, and 1.5k views were generated in that space.

      The space has a large number of subspaces, but as far as I could understand, the analytics report doesn't compute numbers related to subspaces anymore.


      So where do those numbers come from? Would the new report be mixing data generated for the old report? Our community was upgraded on November 3rd, so could those 10 documents actually refer to documents created in subspaces in the two first days of November?


      Does anybody have a better understanding about how the new report works?