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    Update of Jive Daily versus New version of Jive Daily H1 2019


      Hi Shai Sagi


      I hope you are well and I have a question about Jive Daily. During AureaExperience 2018 in Munich a new Jive Daily app was announced and planned for H1 2019 on the roadmap.

      Today our community manager Susanne Brands receives a lot of issues on Jive Daily 2018.2 via various community users. This happens for iOS and Android on different OS versions.

      Issues are: unable to open events, notifications leading to no messages, inbox mismatches compared to desktop, to many irrelevant notifications,...

      Our internal Jive community is running on 2018.3.


      We do log all these issues but I wonder if there will be a new version of Jive Daily (that matches 2018.3) in the upcoming months because a new Jive Daily app is underway.


      Looking forward to your response.