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      A prospect ask me when Aurea support Office 2019 –
      currently only 2016/365.

      When is the support for Office 2019 planned?

      And in the current Systemrequirements is no support for Windows 10 in offline mode.

      Can you tell me why?

      Thanks, Erich


        • Re: Systemrequirements

          Hi Erich,


          We are working on many certifications including the ones you have mentioned. We need to go through many test cases and fix anything that may not still work. This means you should start to see some official releases toward the end of Q2 2019.


          In the meantime, I recommend that you test Office 2019 and Windows 10 offline because Microsoft tends to have great stability between releases. And, in your testing, if you find some bugs, we will be happy to fix them sooner.


          Thanks, Rob