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    Pictures not always showing up in the RSS feeds

    Augustin Derigny



      We are trying to use Jive RSS feeds from our internal communities, in order to display them on big screen TVs through a digital signage solution we are deploying in our plants.

      The goal is to display the latest blog posts from these communities, using the title, a short summary and a picture.

      I was able to make it work using basic authentification but something strange happens: everything works as excepted, except pictures which don't always show.

      I tried using one of the public Jive RSS feeds (https://community.jivesoftware.com/groups/feeds/blogs?socialGroup=2908) and the same issue happens.


      For example with this blog post, sometimes the picture shows up:


      And sometimes it doesn't:


      To make sure the issue wasn't coming from our digital signage solution, we tried using a different feed (e.g. https://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/breaking_news.rss) and we don't have any issue with this one.


      Do you know if there are limitations/issues with RSS feeds regarding pictures? If this can't be fixed, do you think we could achieve the same result using Jive API?


      I have posted this issue in Jive support but I figured maybe someone else ran through the same issue.


      FYI here is the settings we have for feeds:


      Thank you for your help