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    View participation ladder by individual users?


      Hello Community,

      I'm new to the role of community manager and one of my task that i need to master is the community analytics.

      My question is within the Community Analytics, how can i view the participation ladder by individual users?

      Here is my November Participation Ladder

      Contributor: 263 = 19%

      Participant: 766 = 56%

      Consumer: 339 = 25%

      Total User: 1369

      There is some skepticism of this results by my colleagues.

      If i could somehow see the raw data showing the usage would help.

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          The easiest way for individual users to get an idea of their participation breakdown is for them to go to their own profile and view the Insights tab (if you are on Cloud and have it enabled). In the version you are currently on, each user can only see their data - you are not able to see data for other users yourself even as an admin.


          When you migrate to AWS, an admin will have the option to configure the platform so that others can see your personal insights - but this may break GDPR policies if you have people in Europe, so check first!


          The other ways to find individual participation data would be by using the eDiscovery option in the admin console which allows you to see all the activity for a particular user, or possibly by using the DES tool. But both of these methods are very manual and will not give you the nice breakdown that the Insights tab does.


          When you look at the Analytics you can also see what the engagement activities are which might help you understand more what users are doing in the platform. See Community Manager Reports and Analytics - A Comparison to help you understand the data.


          If you still think the data is off (is it wildly different from October?), then you can open a support case to see if they troubleshoot for you.

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            Are you looking for the user-level activity of every user on the platform, or the activity level of one user in particular?

            If it's the former, there's currently no way in Community Analytics to get individual user activity levels. The User Adoption reports used to give you each user's activity level for a specified date period, but that report has been removed. (hopefully not permanently)

            As far as I know, the only way to get a similar report is to use the DES.