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    Document Storage, Best practice?

    dwilliamsl Novice

      Hi Everyone,


      My situation is this; we are a Jive Intranet customer hosted on the Cloud (now AWS). We use our community as news feed to reach our partners as well as a place to store documents to share, and internal community updates within our headquarters. We are currently doing an overhaul of the community in a mission to make the site easier to navigate and overall less busy. This requires a space restructuring and in some cases space removal. The problem is we want to keep all the information we gathered since launch. Its our best means of communicating with our business partners, and useful information to refer to, but not useful to keep on the community as documents and discussion are now out of date but still searchable. What are the best ways export and store all the content from a place (space or group)?

      I only see the ability to export Ideas to an .xls from the settings area within places, what about all the other forms, blogs, questions, discussions?


      I have tried REST api to export JSON file content, but this only seems useful for user data, not content. AWS customers are not eligible for a data dump, and if they were, I opened a ticket on this and support responded saying Jive only does a dump of data for customers migrating platforms (not in the documentation fyi).


      The best option I have found is to use the bulk manage content feature and move desired content to a hidden space for access by internal employees, like an archive? Or is there a better way, ideally I would like a way to export all content from specific Places that are being removed and store it on an internal shared drive.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated