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    Authentication Provider


      Hi everybody!


      Following questions "Which Autentication Providers are supported and are there difference in the CRM System?"


      I know where we can change the Autentication Provider in the IIS, but we are interestet if there are differences then in the CRM System.

      Further I'm interested which different Autentication Providers are supportet.

      • Kerberos v5
      • SAML v2
      • Basic
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          Hi Michael Obermaier ,
          Can this info about supported authentication providers be found somewhere in ACRM documentation?


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            Hello Dietmar


            We had a similar question in case 1477887.


            The answer was: "Windows Integrated authentication allows to configure both Kerberos v5 authentication and NTLM authentication. This is just a configuration on IIS level and nothing to do with ACRM. Basic authentication via username/password is also supported. There is no support for SAML v2.

            ACRM Web and ACRM Designer supports Windows Authentication (NTLM, Kerberos or any other provider supported by IIS) and Basic Authentication".


            Please let me know if you need more details.