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    "I have the same question" feature

    akoplen Advanced

      Hi there,


      I have a question about the "I have the same question" feature. If a user clicks this button, does this qualify as "activity" on the post, and would that then populate a question to the top of a "recent activity" widget or within the "content" tab? I am curious if it helps "escalate" a question by moving it to latest activity? Or, if all this feature does is simply add a tick on the post that another user also has the same question?


      If anyone could provide insight, that would be very helpful.


      Thank you!


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          dcole Novice

          Also curious what the "I have the same question" link does.  Would be great if this was pulled into the Community Manager Reports so we can track popular questions.


          I noticed a related thread at How to access the "I also have this question" but similarly no activty since last year.


          Along the same lines, what does the "Is this what you were looking for? Yes | No..." link do (shown when you click to a question from search results).  It would be really helpful to know if people are clicking this and finding answers without having to ask a new question.