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    Any Experience "Deep Linking" into a Jive Add-on from another Jive Add-on?

    james1.hicks Novice

      Not sure if "deep linking" is the correct term here.


      I have 2 add ons. 1. A custom Home Page that we've created to pull in a custom news feed, and some other communication/resource UI. 2.A 'youtube' like add on that basically just collects all videos uploaded and puts them in one easy to navigate UI.


      I'm scoping out the possibility of having a video show up in our news feed (its a simple api call to place all new content there) and when it is clicked, have it take me to the other Jive Add on and take me directly to that video.


      I don't know if this is "deep linking," as all resources I've found about that term are usually related to mobile deep linking.


      My question is if any of you have done something similar within Jive, where you clicked on some link within Jive that took you into an Add on you have to a specific section of that add on?

      Or have you ever done this outside of Jive, because an example might help with figuring this out?


      Initially, because Jive Add ons are in iframes, I am thinking that this is not possible as I know that iframe's usually have limitations with grabbing and sharing information with its parent. Also might be a limitation in the sense that I am in the browser and am changing pages? One theory is that I could use ext props to store some information about the link clicked (if its a "video" link then maybe store the video id in ext props and then grab that when navigating to the other add on to determine what video it is).


      Any insight would help!


      Thank you