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    Automated Email send outs to People who ask questions.


      I want to be able to send and automated message to people who have asked a question in a certain community to encourage them to follow up. How can I set it up so it sends to those asking a question in a certain community, preferably 1 week after it is asked?



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          Jive has ways of sending emails to the people who are supposed to be moderating the questions asked in a place, but no automated way to send an email to the asker.


          Best practice for Q&A/employee self-help communities is to make sure that each one has an owner who is watching over the questions being asked and making sure they get answered in a timely manner. These are the people who know something about the topic and can identify who should be answering if they don't know the answer themselves. Putting the responsibility on the question asker to make sure they get an answer may mean that they just give up and go back to picking up the phone or emailing someone.


          Here are some ways for the place moderators/SMEs to get notifications about unanswered questions:

          • Follow the place into the Jive Inbox so that notifications are received in email
          • Create a custom stream which is then set to send emails when new questions are asked
          • In the admin console > spaces > settings > discussion settings, you can send emails to people when a question goes unanswered for longer than a certain time period. Keep in mind that once you set this up, the people will get an email every 4 hours until the question is marked answered!
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