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    ViewTaskListAction Dependency Injection

    asuarez Novice

      My team is trying to modify the Jive place tasks capability to allow users to view all tasks in all of the projects in a group from the group level by adding a Tasks tab to the group level place tabs. We have gotten our code to the point that we can select our Tasks Tab, go through our GroupTasksAction (similar to the PlaceTasksAction) class and get through the tasks.soy and ultimately to the ViewTaskListAction class. Once we get to the ViewTaskListAction class, however, our social group does not get set even though we have defined the private class level variable for our social group as well as the getter and setter methods.


      Having stepped through the Project Task code, we can see that the project gets set appropriately when it gets to this same point in the code so we know that there is some sore of dependency injection taking place but we have not been able to figure out where it is defined. Any help would be appreciated!