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    How to download the links present on a overview page of a place

    yojana Novice

      Hi All,

      I am looking for a solution to capture all the links present in a formatted text widget within a place.
      Currently , I am navigating to each  place then copying the link in excel manually.
      It will be a great help if anybody can suggest me a better way of doing this task.



      In the above screenshot,the content is present in Formatted text widget .So I am taking down the link in excel for global resources and how to create,edit and manage groups items.


      Thanks & Regards,

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          gopi.gorantala Advanced

          This is tough to get from the available jive resources.. there is a hack..  this might be confusing, but you will understand it.


          1. Access your server home directory through putty/winscp, then =>  navigate to path:  <your-server_home-directory>/var/www/resources/statics  (Hint: this is the same 'var' directory you navigate to check your server logs..  <your-server_home-directory>/var/logs/sbs.log etc..)


          Once you navigate to "statics" directory.. you will see many folder named with numbers.. so the folder names here are respective placeID for a place(space/group).. inside this you see the images uploaded per placeID


          Now you need to form the URL based on these statics...


          ex:  lets say an image "abc.png" is uploaded through a formatted text widget in a place "abc_community" with placeID 12345 then the corresponding link url will be.. {your-domain_url}/resources/statics/12345/abc.png ( i believe this is what you want).


          Note:You get to see all the uploaded file's through "HTML" and "Formatted text widget".


          Also this is little less burden than accessing each space separately and finding the widget and grabbing url..