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    Has anyone else experienced an issue with Jive for Office on Windows 8?

    Nik Edmiidz

      Just after updating to AWS, many of our users are unable to connect with Jive for Office/Jive for Outlook. Just after migration, I was connecting fine. However when I heard some people were experiencing troubles, I manually revoked my own token from the admin console. Now I am unable to create a new token on my Windows 8 laptop.


      When looking at logs, we noticed that on old cloud JIve we would connect to assets2.jiveon.com for JavaScript resources, and now we are connecting to us assets3.jiveon.com. However even adding it as a trusted site did not resolve the issue.


      We tried the latest version of Jive for Office with no luck.


      Although we are not live yet with Windows 10, our IT department has confirmed that they can create the token with no issue using Windows 10. However we are not ready to deploy that yet, so we need to solve on current systems.


      We are already engaging L2 support and waiting for L3, but if anyone else has experience with this, please let me know.