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    Tips for a New User


      Hi Jive Community,


      My organization is in the process of acquiring Jive, and I was hoping to get some advice from more experienced users on some subjects.  I am reading all the documentation Aurea provides, but I always feel that talking to actual users in a community like this is just as important, if not more, when you jump into a new platform.


      To give you an idea of our plans to use Jive, my team and I are launching Jive as the backbone of a social learning platform where we will be employing micro learning and gamification (like badges and leaderboards) concepts to help new leaders in our organization acclimate to their new roles.  This will be mostly HR subject, tied to our HR business cycle, where we will be using video, podcasting, curate documentation, book clubs, discussion forums, and social media (like memes and social wall discussions) to make learning feel more like using social media at home.  My role will be as the community owner and social "voice" of the program.  As part of this, I will be responsible for driving follwoers to us and keeping them engage with content. 


      So, awesome Jive people, what tips would you give someone who is launching a platform like this in regards to socializing, marketing, and launching Jive?  Do you have any tips on how to keep a community engaged and active?  What pitfalls have you fallen into when launching your Jive platforms.


      Thanks in advance for the advice,