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    Can I easily pull a full content report?


      Hi folks,


      I am looking to do a clean up of all the content that lives within a department and all of it's spaces and subspaces, but am finding the reporting to be very frustrating. Is there an easier way to do this? Here is what I am looking for:

      • Content Name
      • Content Type
      • Space/Subspace
      • Creation Date
      • Author
      • Last Updated Date
      • Updater
      • Content URL


      Is this something that is readily available? We can't be the first org in the history of Jive that has needed something like this? The only way my IT team has done this so far is to write individual queries for each search, and it is pulling content that has been deleted and can no longer be found, and I don't want to send my SMEs on a wild goose chase to analyze docs that are not there.


      Thank you!

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          This was available in the CMRs, but is currently not available in Analytics. See CMR to Community Analytics Migration - Analytics Gaps - I bet someone has documented the lack of this report there. Aurea is using this document to help with the roadmap for additional reports in Analytics. For now, the only way to do it is via the DES tool.


          However, you can also have your SMEs go to the Content tab of each of their places and filter based on "Activity: oldest first" to get an idea of what content might be not useful or outdated. This way, they can actually look at the content and see if it should be deleted rather than just looking at a spreadsheet and making a decision just by the date. They really should be doing this anyway, so they don't delete things that shouldn't be deleted. And...if they do this on a monthly basis, it's not a huge daunting task! It would only take them minutes a month to do this instead of having to spend hours looking at content to see if it is stil useful.

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