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    iOS 11.3 Contact Containerization for mobile applications

    a.kroemer Novice

      Hi all,


      today I got an interessting question and like to ask the community about your opinion.


      With iOS 11.3 apple allows Contact Containerization. This means, that it is possible to seperate private and business contacts. So the users could be able to use WhatsApp only for the private contacts.
      If CRMpad, or CRMclient is now managed by an MDM and also the contact Containerization is activated, it's not longer possible to use the e-mail function out of the application. So no offersummary, ordersummary etc. could be send

      The problem seems to be, that pad/client only allows to use the Standard Email Client - and not the managed one.

      Have you already gained experience with it?


      How would you handle this?


      Thanks in advance,