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    Beef up the Tag Cloud feature in Jive!


      There is a little known, and therefore likely little used, feature in Jive that shows the Tag Cloud.


      It is actually pretty helpful sometimes, but with a few small tweaks, could be even more useful. Here are my suggestions:

      1. Make the different weights more obvious somehow - add multiple colors, add more font sizes (get a designer to help)
      2. Allow the viewer to change the number of tags displayed; for example, 200 is too many for what I want to use it for - let me make it 30
      3. Add the ability to display as a Wordle-type cloud, where the bigger words are in the center radiating out, and not all the words are horizontal
      4. Make it easier to find - right now, I need to know the functionality exists, and type the URL in. GIVE ME A LINK SOMEWHERE!!


      What do other community managers think? And what other ideas do you have?


      cc: Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli