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    Notifications over the top


      Having struggle with users keeping notifications enabled or following spaces due to social comments and likes triggering a separate notification every time .. Is there a way to throttle notifications so only the initial post generates a notification, not all the followup??

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          If you are on Cloud, the only way to do this is for users to go to their Preferences menu and change their settings. I believe the default is for everything that goes into the Jive inbox triggers an email, but they can change their settings to turn off emails for that top item - or change it to a daily or weekly cadence.


          It is possible that you may be able to have Support change the defaults for any users who have not been created yet - but once the user account has been created, these properties do not affect the settings in the Preferences menu.

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            I would love for this to be a feature. Most of my users want to read the initial post not all of the comments that come along with it. Some like to comment and be involved in the conversation. Maybe have a check box that states receive all activity on said post. My users dread like the plague commenting on posts because all of the notifications that follow. Stop future notifications feature was a nice touch, but it is currently not functioning properly in our instance.

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              Howard Chattley - Please create a case (If you haven't already) if Stop future notifications isn't working for you. 

              I think there needs to be a balance on the level of complexity for notifications to be useful (Do most users actually set up custom streams or update their preferences?) and Jive is definitely edging past overly complex as it is. :/
              This is a good discussion, and I agree there can be times where over notification becomes annoying... but I would be interested in simplifying our notification strategy while offering the needed flexibility (Maybe exposing future notification in more places?).
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                  I like the idea of exposing it in more locations. And making sure that it works. I haven't actually tested it recently, but in the past when I've used it, I found that it didn't work as I would have expected. And I was told that if you were following a space (for example), clicking the Stop future notifications link didn't actually work (and wasn't intended to).


                  Perhaps an explanation of exactly how that is supposed to work is in order. Though that said, if you have to explain it, then perhaps the design needs some work.

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                    Xhevair, I have an open case for the issue.


                    I think we have to cater to both the social butterflies (those who like to comment and love social media) and those who just want to get their news (those who do not want to or don't have time to be social while at work).