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    Top & Trending Parameters


      I was wondering if there is a way to have some control over Top & Trending. No matter how much education I provide, users still go in and comment on old content and it caused outdated content to reappear on the homepage. For example, if it is more than three months old, it is excluded from appearing again in Top & Trending. If not, that might be a good feature to add into the mix.

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          We've had a lot of issues with our top and trending content. It's really complicated, but what I've learned from support after months of trying to figure out why old content was appearing in top and trending/popular content is that it's basically working as intended. 

          Trending content isn't determined by all activity, and it's not activity over time, it's how fast an item gains activity, so an item with less likes and comments than other content can appear in the trending list if, say a dozen people view it in an hour, but newer content is only viewed once in that hour. I haven't found a good way around this, but it's a regular pain point from an admin perspective and from a user perspective. As an admin, it's hard to keep track of what's new on the platform when one- or two-year-old blogs keep getting resurrected. It's also hard for users who have occasionally seen old blogs/discussions/whatever and freaked out because they thought an old, resolved issue was reoccurring.

          It's definitely something I'd like to have more control over in the admin console. Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli - OoO until 8-26-19 something to add to the list?

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            As far as I'm aware, there is no way for individual instances to modify the algorithms used to create Top & Trending. It is hard coded and is the same for all customers.

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              Speaking of pulling old items back into Top & Trending


              I recently inquired about the ability to turn off T&T, altogether, as well. But, that's not what I want. I honestly think turning it off altogether would be horrible and would be taking a chainsaw to a problem that should be solved with a scalpel. I love the Top & Trending feature, in general. It's a wonderful way to surface content that would otherwise go unnoticed.


              What I really want is a way to opt-out certain content items.


              One of our largest pain-points we have regarding Jive (that's related to the software working as intended), is the lack of control we have over what items appear front and center on our homepage. Here's the deal ...


              There is a "lively" discussion going on in our company/community right now about executive compensation. It's become a dumping ground for every disgruntled employee in the entire company to go and vent their negativity. Even employees who are not actively participating in the conversation are in "pass-the-popcorn" mode and are checking in on the thread every hour. Obviously, this becomes a self-perpetuating cycle that keeps the item locked into Top & Trending.


              As a community manager and "true-believer" in transparency, I want this conversation to happen. I don't want to censor it. But, holey moley, I don't want it pinned to the top of every employee's homepage for a month. This is our official company intranet, and it pains me to think what must go through a new employee's head when they log-in on their first day of work, and the first thing they see is torches and pitchforks from the employees.


              So, yes, I'd like to un-check a box, or turn down a dial, or do ANYTHING to get items like that off the homepage after they've had their fair day in court.  

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