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    Recent Content vs Recent Activity widgets for Overview pages?


      I manage an Overview page for a team inside my company and I can't seem to use a single widget to display all the activity related to my page. The Recent Content widget seems to display only content that ORIGINATED within the page, so we can't see mentions of the page that originated elsewhere on other company pages. The Recent Activity widget, "What's Going On" shows other mentions, but the input window seems to default to Status Update behavior which has severe functionality limitations. Users don't realize this and when they post via the What's Going On window they expect all the features of a full discussion, including ability to ask questions & get answers.


      I need a widget that displays all mentions / activity related to the page, regardless of who & where it originated, with an embedded "Ask a question" that starts a full-featured discussion post.


      Please correct me if I've misunderstood how this works. Any advice would be most appreciated.