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    Custom tiles - Permissions for use and configuration

    nicolasjrc Novice

      Hi everyone,

      I am currently working on custom tiles, which can be set up - via definition json - to be used on specific locations only NEWS, PLACE, USER etc..
      Is there any way to similarly restrict the access to those custom tiles to specific roles or users (in the external addons list), so that those custom tiles - once deployed onto Jive - are not listed/made available to all community managers, but to only to  specific people (admins for example)?

      In short: is it possible to allow the use of some custom tiles by specific people like admins, and to prevent other users to insert them on their places/pages?


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          Stuart McIntyre Beginner

          Unfortunately I do not believe this is possible - all tiles are available to all users.


          However, one workaround is to add the custom tiles to a new tile category, and hide the category (via Admin console > Add-ons > Tile Categories).


          Then just enable the category when you need to add the custom tiles and quickly disable again. It's a bit of a hack, but I've seen this used in this scenario.

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