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    JIVE versus competitors ...O365


      Dear all,


      We have co-existed with Microsoft forever but the arrival of the competitively priced 0365, Microsoft Teams and all the bells and whistles means that our on-prem JIVE is being discussed for phasing out in our organisation.


      Has anyone been through this before? What arguments can be used to defend JIVE? What features and vision can be used to show that JIVE is worth the cost?


      The recent technical issues that have affected us have not helped our cause that is for sure Matthew Aeolian Thomas Lambert


      There is a space here: [Archived] Jive vs. Other Solutions but it is closed so could I have access? Kosheno Moore Amine Bousnina


      I am sure plenty of customers have been through this before. Any feedback from other JIVE customers would be most welcome!