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    Email notifications for scheduled vs posted blog posts


      Hi all,

      We use blogs to send out our corporate communications, and I typically see around 1700 emails generated by those posts:


      For blog posts that have been scheduled, we're seeing less than 10 emails generated.

      Has anyone else seen issues with email notifications for scheduled blog posts?

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          I haven't seen this specific issue. We are having other weird issues with notifications. A support rep told me that there is something in the next release (can't remember if it is 2019.2.2.1, or 2019.3) has fixes related to notifications. I can't specifically state whether it would address this issue, but wanted to at least put it out there.


          And it is possible that it isn't specifically the fact that the blog was scheduled, but simply the actual timing. Meaning the problem with notifications may have cropped up between the last time you did a direct post and the first time you did a timed post.


          Of course rather than taking my less-than-technical explanation, I'd suggest logging a case and seeing what they say. And hopefully other customers with similar issues will give you some feedback on their experience so you can see what your options might be.