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    What is the difference between ALM (on premise) and Lyris/cam (saas)?


      Does ALM still exists? How can we use it (license etc.)? What is the difference to lyris/cam (cloud solution)? Is there an integration to acrm? At the moment we are trying to use lyris/cam with our crm and have some show stopper:


      - no german language,

      - hardcoded mapping of only one mail-field.


      (already informed our key account, and platinum manager)


      Are these points exists in ALM, too? At the moment we are already searching for another newsletter tools not from aurea (because of the show stopper points), too.


      Thanks and

      Best regards


      Michael Jeanrond

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          Michael Jeanrond,


          yes, Aurea List Manager (Lm) is still available and you can get it as part of our Unlimited Software Library offering. 


          The most distinct differences between Aurea List Manager (Lm) and Aurea Campaign Manager (Cam) are the following.


          Aurea Campaign Manager (Cam)Aurea List Manager (Lm)
          Fully integrated into Aurea CRMNo out-of-the-box integration with Aurea CRM
          Licensed by number of messagesLicensed / limited by send-speed
          Fully managed email serversCustomer managed email servers
          Fully managed reputation (impacts deliverability with email providers)Customer managed reputation
          Shared & private IPsPrivate IP only
          Data access through API only; data export (CSV, TXT) based on lists or mailingsData access through API and directly through database
          Extensive out-of-the-box reportingExtensive out-of-the-box reporting; able to build custom reporting, also through direct database access
          Modern user experience based on Angular 5Dated user experience
          Future roadmap leveraging AWS technologyProduct receives regular patches and platform certifications
          Split-testing with automatic winner selectionSplit-testing with manual winner selection


          With regards to your specific questions around language and integration I can give you the following feedback:

          1. there are currently no plans to introduce a German UI
          2. Campaign Manager (just like List Manager or any other email marketing solution) only supports a single email field in the subscriber profile; hence we have decided to only link the primary email field of FI, KP, CP and PE for the integration.


          WRT to the second issue I'd like to understand why the "hardcoded mapping" is an issue - maybe we can find a solution to help you work around this.