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      Is there a way to bulk download files from a particular space or group? A department within my company wants a back up of all files on a local server just in case AWS goes down.

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          There is no native tool to download content from a group. You can ask for a one-time database dump via Professional Services but that is unwieldy to use. AWS going down should not be a concern but I will defer to Aurea to alleviate those worries.


          If you really wanted the information, I would recommend using the Jive API: There is the /contents endpoint to find all content in a space or group. The response is paginated and you need to iteratively call it until you get all the results. As you get the list of the content, you need to download each item. From working with it, I found it works best if you do the following:

          • For Documents, Blogs, Discussions, & Questions: Convert it to a .PDF and download it. The converted PDF will contain the comments from the original post.
            • If it has attachments (such as a .docx), download the source files in addition to the converted PDF.
          • For Videos & Files (Excel, PDF, Word, & etc...): Download the source files as is.
          • For Polls & Status Updates: Ignore them.
          • For Events: Call the "add to calendar" link to generate the .ics file and download it
          • For Ideas: There already exists the bulk export ideas functionality for a group. You would ignore processing the individual ideas and just do the single bulk export.
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            Remember that unless they "back them up" frequently, the files are likely to be out of date anyway and less valuable.