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    Text Analytics on Jive content

    prashantpathak19821 Novice

      Hello everyone,


      Does anyone have done/tried doing any sort of text analytics on Jive or have any idea about some tool/vendor who can help in that? We are trying to analyze our Jive content from following perspective:



      • Are there any patterns around the questions and discussions that get the most responses?
      • What topics/subjects are most popular? What are people talking about most?
      • What kinds of topics and subjects are least discussed (where no one comments)?
      • Network analysis – can we look at who is connected to whom (via followers)
      • Can we see patterns or correlations, for i.e. the people with strongest connections, or highest number of connections, are likely to be more active contributors, or vice versa?
      • Can we find out who is the resident expert on X topic? (because they have had so many comments or shared knowledge on that topic in Jive)?
      • If I wanted to create a community around people interested in autonomous cars, can the data point me to a list of people who would be interested in this topic?

      All suggestions are welcomed.

      Thanks a lot in advance.





      Prashant Pathak

      Community and Collaboration Senior Analyst

      Boston Consulting Group