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    Aura CRM and MS Graph

    disch Novice

      I got following question from a customer.

      Is it planned to implement a connector to Exchange over Microsoft Graph or is it generally planned to have an interface with MS Graph to Microsoft Office365 products and functions?

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          andrelerche Novice

          Hi Dietmar Schmid (Didi)


          We have already an Enhancement Request open regarding Oauth 2.0 authentication for connector for Exchange and awaiting a response from the Product Team.


          For Microsoft Graph I cannot answer. But I'll create a case on your behalf to gather the required information and eventually pass this on to the Product Team as well.


          Best regards,




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            Michael Obermaier Novice

            Hi Dietmar, could you please outline some use-cases for an MS Graph integration. What kind of benefits would the customer expect? This kind of information greatly helps to better understand customer needs and supports the "roadmap eligibility" evaluation.

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                disch Novice

                Hi Michael! Currently the connector check always the full Inboxes what is very time consuming and not in real time. The customer expects that he has a real time connection to the Exchange Server that the people with CRM and without CRM has the same view on data.

                Currently we have one example where it is important, that the know it a room is booked or not. Because what the want in the future, that the CRM Users are able to book rooms in the CRM software, the other one book it in Outlook and in the future customers should be also possible to book directly a room over a portal. So it is important that the user knows in real time, if a room is available or not.

                With MS Graph it is possible to ask in real time which rooms are free.

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