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    Is it possible to handle NEW_INSTANCE tile's event without using Jive-SDK?

    fabio.lanza@aurea.com Novice

      Hello Everyone,


      I want to put my add-on infrastructure in a serverless application (using AWS lambda), thus I cannot couple my application with Express (as far as I understand, jive-sdk depends on that).


      I managed to register and unregister add-ons by creating a custom lambda that validates the payload against Jive and persists the information in a DynamoDB.


      However, I couldn't understand how Jive-SDK identifies the events when a new add-on instance is created, updated or removed. Would be great to have a webhook to know about those events, but apparently they aren't available.


      Can someone advise me on how to identify tile events so I can update its content by using rest API?


      Thank you in advance.