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    Generate events based on source data file (or others) and the use of APIs.

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      1. I'm pretty noob to work with APis, but I just want to verify a few things to make sure that I'm on the right track.

      We have an LMS and other learning sources that are hosting various learning opportunities to my population.

      I would like that certain of these learning events are automatically published on our L&D WAP space.

      So, I suppose that:

      - If I can access/authenticate towards our Jive instance APIs,
      - I can use the Post -> type -> event API do generate automatically my events in Jive (see below)?


      Second: before I start my learning curve, I can't imagine that someone hasn't done this already from scratch.
      Are there similar cases available that I can have a peak at?





      POST: https://xxxxxx/api/core/v3/contents





            "type": "text/html",

            "text": "<body><p>info</p></body>"


        "subject": "New Event1",

        "parent" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",

        "type": "event",

        "location" : "on call",

        "startDate" : "11/28/2013",

        "startTime" : "5:00 AM",

        "endDate" : "12/01/2013",

        "endTime" : "5:00 PM",

        "eventAccess" : "open",

        "maxAttendees" : 1,

        "eventAccessID" : 0