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    Are there APIs for Jive Rewards?

    tmaurer Jive SME

      I have two reasons for asking whether the Jive Rewards system has APIs:

      • I use 411 Labs product, InSite, and want to be able to review my Rewards data from there, and automate a pull of that information into the platform dashboard my analytics team is creating. Manually downloading the data from the Rewards Console won't work for this because the data in the Rewards system reports doesn't contain all of the information I need.
      • I have two requests to show the Rewards activity feed in a particular space, in a format where people can like and comment on the badges given. While I could instead direct people to the Rewards page, that is problematic because that feed:
        • Only shows a small number (15?) of the most recent rewards
        • Can't be filtered; ideally I'd like to only show rewards given to people based on a specific (custom) profile field


      One would assume that since the Jive platform is able to display a feed of this data (on the Rewards page, in the All Activity feed, and in people's Inboxes), there must be at least basic APIs available.


      Looking for all options, even if a little off the wall.




      Nik Edmiidz, Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli, Joey Levi, Derek DeMoro


      Inbox example:


      All Activity example:


      Rewards page example: