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    marcin.putelbergier Novice


      I would like to ask the community what is their experience with working with CRM.WebService module and also I have few questions for more advance users.

      1. Whether is it possible to pass the parameters to query services ?

      2. Is it possible to assign the name to the parameter that is passed to the query ?

      3. In case of query services, can we define the data set which is returned ?

      4. Can we build more complex services that will firstly search for desired data and perform different operations depending form the result ?

      1. example - non record found - error message that record has not been found

      2. example - more then one record found - error message with list of records

      3. example - one record found, perform an update on that particular record

      5. Can we build our custom messages based on the response ? If yes, whether we can attach field values to this response ? 

      6. Have you ever experienced an issues with response time or the webservice application pool ?

      7. Have you experienced any issues with the tool that is used for testing update.web.services.test.exe ?


      Thanks in advance for you reply.