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    Aurea CRM und ACM

    Martin Ehret Novice



      we have some customers who are currently interested in the combination of Aurea CRM and ACM, first customers who are implementing it.


      1. The interface is currently running without any problems, HTM sending and reporting are working well.
      2. The ACM is not the most powerful e-mail marketing tool compared with competition, but it is often sufficient, especially for B2B applications.
      3. The added value of the combination of selections and campaign management in the CRM, sending in the ACM and the feedback of responses into the CRM is very well recognized by customers.


      For this reason, we have explained the interaction of Aurea CRM and ACM in some videos - these are in German, but may be interesting for some of you.


      Videos über das Zusammenspiel von CRM und E-Mailmarketing | ajco solutions GmbH


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