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      In Jive KB / Integrated Server we had the option to change the author of a document. This does not seem possible in Clearspace anymore. Could we get that back?

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          I'm using Clearspace 2.5.6 and also need to know how to change the author of a document.


          As the intranet administrator, I often set up workspaces for users and move content into it for them.  I need the ability to take my name off of those documents and place them under the ownership of the proper user.


          I've tried changing the USERID field in the JIVEDOCUMENT and JIVEDOCVERSION fields but this hasn't changed the values in the document view.


          Is this possible?  Can I do it through the database?

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            Hi Bernard, thanks for letting us know this is important to you. I've filed the improvement as CS-13174.


            Alan, you're right. The cache was masking the change you had made to the database, but the method you used should succeed as a work around in many cases.