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    Popular Tags widget showing tags behind security


      Not sure if this is a bug, designed that way, an enhancement request or if I am doing something wrong but here's the use case and current behavior:


      - docXYZ has tag "external" and is posted in community "external stuff"

      - docABC has tag "internal" and is posted in community "internal stuff" and is a sub-community of "external stuff"


      Put the popular tags widget on external stuff, remove any right from internal stuff.

      The Popular Tags widget shows both tags. In our opinion the widget should only show the tag "external"


      Use Case: content with a tag "customerABC" that might be in a partner communittee should not be seen by public


      I know you can set the widget to start looking for tags from a community and sub-communities down but what if the sub-communitie is the "internall stuff"?


      In general, only tags of content visible to the user, regardless where the content might be, should show in the popular tags widget.


      Tested with Clearspace Community 2.5.5